thanks for listening! 


This demo was recorded in mid 2017 in the last week before I left Australia to move to the UK. 

It features my favourite Australian rhythm section - David McEvoy, Sam Riley and Ben Riley.


In the (just over a) decade we played together, we played hundreds, if not thousands of gigs together. 

The day we went into the studio was almost unplanned. Dave reminded me the night before we went in that we had written a tune together - I got up at 7am and jotted down some lyrics and it became Falling In Love Again. Waiting had been penned in the couple of weeks previous and I went in with a sketch chart of what I thought the chords should be. 

The rest we just called, like a gig. And the result reflects that a little - I'll be honest - at time it sounds a little rough. But I like it, it makes me smile when I think of the four of us on a gig together. 

Hope you enjoy this snapshot. 

Thanks to the wonderful James Brown and Jarrad Payne at Wizardtone for recording this, and sending me over mixes and being patient while I tried to find wifi in the middle of rural Uganda so I could listen to it with headphones taken from a budget plane company (and that in itself is another story!)