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Louise Messenger Sings

Ella At Zardi's

It's 1956, and you're all dressed up about to step into Zardi's Jazzland to spend an evening with the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald.


For 2 weeks Ella headlined the famous Hollywood nightspot, and on the last night they rolled the tape. 


Join Louise as together you re-create A Night at Zardi's

The Shout Sisters.jpg

Dedicated to all things Boswell...

The Boswell Sisters were the first female vocal group to attain global fame in the 1920/30's. Their music was rhythmically and harmonically complex and they swung like nothing else. Their story is as fascinating as their music, but like many early women jazz pioneers their story was lost.

Explore the music of the Boswell Sisters with Louise's London trio The Shout Sisters as well as the work of her previous Australian group, The Boswell Project. 


A Sentimental Journey

The Music of Doris Day

Louise pays tribute to one of her favourite singers, the incomporable Doris Day.


Join Louise as she takes us on a sentimental journey though the life and loves of this evergreen performer. 

Featuring songs from Calamity Jane, On Moonlight Bay, By The Light Of The Silvery Moon, Romance On The High Seas, The Doris Day Show and Many More.  

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